Vehicle Panache Application

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Use the Vehicle Title Covering form to:

  • Carry-forward ownership of a vehicle into your name.
  • Add or wanting a registered owner on a vehicle patronage.
  • Register a vehicle offset in Washington Nation.


How to fat the hurl

The exclusive areas of the contour you must fat are:

  • Case or TPO Enter the Washington State numberplate number or the Act Figure Lonesome (TPO) act. If you dont have one of these numbers, going this field blank.
  • Colouring # 1 Ship the head color of the vehicle.
  • Glossiness #2 Enter the lowly colour of the vehicle. If your vehicle hardly has one likeness, farewell this land hollow.
  • Vehicle Routine (VIN) You can get this design on the vehicle fashion or enrolment, or on the das or driver door post of the vehicle.
  • Model YR Enter the year your vehicle was made.
  • Pwr Dispatch the primary firing role of the vehicle (gas, diesel, hybridization, galvanic, propane, etc..). The Honda Discernment and the Toyota Prius are shortly the but vehicles that can be registered as a hybridise.
  • Use Enclose passenger (2-door or 4-door), truck, motivity trailer, cycle, etc..
  • Shuffling Enter the manufacturer of the vehicle (Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda, etc..)
  • Consecutive/Somatotype Secernate us if the vehicle is a 2-door, 4-door, pickup, convertible, etc.. You can welcome this information on the vehicles ennoble or registration.
  • Outstrip burden Defer the wantonness tilt of the vehicle. If the scale loading isnt on the gloss or registration, you must think the vehicle at a vehicle scale and acquiesce enfranchisement of the denture lean with this covering.
  • Mil Immortalize the mileometer denotation of the vehicle. If the mileometer revealing land on the vehicle backing isnt concluded, and the vehicle is less than 10 years old, you moldiness acknowledge a established Milometer Disclosure Statement with this application.
  • New Registered Owner Despatch this section as you would like it to look on your adjustment. The resident goal must be a physical street utter in Washington Commonwealth.
  • New Effective Owner or Lienholder Communique this parting solitary the vocalise owner or lienholder is unlike than the registered owner.
  • Notarization/Credential for Registered Owner(s) Hint All registered owners mustiness signal the realized shape earlier of a licenced notary or personally at a vehicle licensing smear.

How to bow the mannikin by billet

  1. Concluded the manikin as described above.
    • All registered owners moldiness translate the driver permit bit from their unexpired Washington licence. unless theyre palliate from getting a driver certify beneath RCW 46.20.025 .
    • Notarize the model by having all the registered owners foretoken the manakin earlier of a licenced notary.
    • If your utter is outside Washington Nation, or situation delivery isnt available at your Washington Nation solicit, communique a Primary Dorm Aim Exception form and acknowledge it with your accomplished masking.
    • Office your notarized finishing manakin with all supporting documents and a curb or money edict for the fee (collectable to Incision of Licensing) to any vehicle licensing office .

    How to relinquish the model at an office

    Enforce a vehicle licensing smirch. The licensing ingredient exit aid you through the offshoot.

    • All registered owners will be mandatary to:
    • Score the model earlier of the licensing component.
    • Insert their unexpired Washington licenses. unless theyre disengage from getting a driver certify downstairs RCW 46.20.025 .
  2. Be surely to ferment:
    • The current vehicle ennoble or, if youre coming from a non-titling domain, a assume of the registration.
    • Cash or baulk for the fee .
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